2013-01-28New server. \o/
2012-06-13Updated site, not the content(too much work) but code. Using Twitter Bootstrap with Cyborg Theme and Bootstrap Image Gallery.
There are still some bugs but they will probably be fixed before 2015 2020. was a site with great wallpapers, i don't know what happened to it but... it seems to have vanished. Hope it will be back some time soon. For the mean time i've added a link with all the wallpapers i have from the site, all of them are at 1600x1200 and some have over 1MB so... it's not fast.
2005-11-18Started a mini howto on package management on Debian. Talks about dpkg, apt and apitude.
2005-10-22New Galleries: Lain, Spirited Away and misc files
2005-10-22Since i'm now living in Göteborg(Gothenburg), Sweden, i've added some graphs about the weather here. It uses rrdtool. The script uses most of RRDWeather, but with some needed fixes by Marco Ferra(fourier).
2005-10-14Website changes. The layout is changing(work in progress) thanks to António Matos(voxvirus). So thanks to that some links changed and/or disappeared... at least for now. Due to some changes in my life the site is not operating 24/7 for the time being. Hope to be back to normal operation soon.
2005-04-08sources.list Updates.
2005-03-06Updated Kernel 2.4 guide to include other versions of tk. Thanks goes to ninjos from Finland.
2004-12-11Added a mini text on how to add init scripts in Debian.
2004-12-04Tiny changes in info on how to compile a 2.6 kernel on Debian.
2004-02-03Updated the info on how to compile the kernel(2.4 and 2.6) using Debian tools. The 2.6 instructions can be found here. For 2.4 go here.
2003-04-24And the Oscar goes to...Best animated Film Spirited Away
2003-01-26Finally added a Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) Area. As the Lain Area its mostly wallpapers and pictures from this great movie.
2003-01-25Miyazaki's Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi-Spirited Away(A viagem de Chihiro) arrives to Portugal 2003-02-28 with a portuguese dubbed version and a subtitled version.
"For the people who used to be 10 years old, and the people who are going to be 10 years old."
Hayao Miyazaki
Nausicaa Web with lots of info about all of Miyazaki's work
Spirited Away Official Homepage
2002-12-10Added a linux area with... erm... only a chmod calculator.
2002-04-11Discovered the wonders of MRTG
2002-02-17Added some Serial Experiments Lain stuff... mostly wallpapers or whatever you want to call it. Im no anime expert or even close... havent seen lots of anime and prolly that wont change in the future but... Lain was special, a very inocent girl discovers her place in the wired(internet for me and probably you), it shows some of the doubts some of us start to have about whats really real.
2002-02-15After years of research i installed Debian Potato in this cool box. P166, 62 MBs ram, no floppy driver, no gfx card, no mouse, no keyboard. isnt that a nice server?